What happens when a global coronavirus pandemic threatens your wedding in Italy? While this is certainly an extraordinary moment and there is no simple solution, we’d like to help you rationalize and look at your options.

Save the Date!

Liam Gallagher of Oasis is determined to go forward with his wedding in Italy in July of this year.  After a romantic engagement to Debbie Gwyther on the Amalfi Coast last August, so far they have not had to rethink their wedding plans.  A lot will depend on the course of the virus in Italy but also on borders opening up and flights being reinstated.  If your date is imminent you may be able to ride it out and keep your plans as is.  In that case, while wedding planning is in quarantine for a couple of weeks, use this time to do the following:
  1. Contact your guests.  Explain the situation and give older guests the option of dropping out so they are not put at risk while travelling.  Share the new headcount immediately with your wedding planner, venue, and caterer.
  2. Review vendor contracts.  Look at cancellation policies and payment plans in the event you decide to postpone and in the latter case, you may be able to renegotiate payments.
  3. Research insurance options.  While very few companies will insure a destination wedding, you may be able to get coverage for your flights.

To postpone or not to postpone?

Depending on your date and the development of the pandemic, your back up plan should include postponing to the fall or 2021.  Go over next year’s calendar, pick a couple of date options that will work for you and contact your vendors about moving your event.  If this is the best option for you, do it NOW.  Dates in 2021 are filling up faster than ever!
Read about this couple who already went through the process and how in the end,  they were able to celebrate with elderly guests who would otherwise not be able to travel to Italy.

We’re in this together

All our countries are now affected by outbreaks and governments worldwide are limiting travel and ordering lockdowns.  This means working from home, sharing computers and internet connections with children who are home schooling, and organizing time in a completely different way.  Everyone is dealing with exceptional circumstances that have disrupted everyday life and have put a serious strain on jobs, families, and relationships.  We are all in the same boat, so let’s show some compassion and work out solutions together.
Regardless of whether you keep your date or postpone to 2021, the general mood once the storm passes will bring you the BEST WEDDING IN ITALY EVER!
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