Wendy & Tom

Positano Terrace Civil Wedding

The Details

The Story

Wendy getting married to Tom was such a milestone in their relationship that an Amalfi Coast Wedding was really the best way to celebrate.  They had been dating for a while and there was no doubt in their mind that to legally tie the knot, Positano was their destination.

Their first stop was in Naples to get the bureaucracy taken care of and to get into a Mediterranean mood they stayed at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, right across from Naples’ landmark ‘Egg’ Castle where legend has it that the entire structure stands straight to this day because of an egg in place of the main cornerstone …

In Positano their apartment was in an ancient lookout tower and they had it all to themselves.  Finely furnished with southern Italian antiques, the view from the tower terrace was a hold-your-breath drop into the Mediterranean Sea below.  The civil ceremony terrace was another jaw-dropping place where the Positano city performs legal marriages, Wendy decorated everything with her favorite purple orchids and hydrangeas and they left no stone unturned for their pictures around town.  Wendy and Tom strolled hand in hand up and down the village, closely followed by their photographers Antonella and Claudia Francese almost paparazzi style.

The ambiance for dinner overlooking Positano beach was set up at Buca di Bacco, then Wendy and Tom continued to honeymoon through Italy stopping in Orvieto at the magnificent La Badia Hotel and in Florence at Hotel Brunelleschi, right behind the grand Cathedral.

Getting married in Italy was well worth the wait for them both!

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