Michelle & Brian

Countryside Villa Wedding in Italy

The Details

The Story

Just how far do a Canadian guy and an Irish girl have to travel to find each other? Well, Michelle and Brian went aaaaall the way to the Middle East, Michelle moved to Dubai and Brian moved to Oman – both for their jobs 😉 They met, they fell in love, they dated, and when it was time to get married, where in the world would they go?

ITALY won the toss! They filled their Italian Villa full of nationalities between family members from both sides of the pond, friends from home, the middle east, and around the world for a wedding in Florence weekend full of festivities: wine tasting, biking, hiking, and making merry.

How else to represent the diversity in their guest list than to color their wedding like a rainbow. Ribbons and drapes in bright orange, yellow, green, pink lit up their renaissance villa and painted the wedding day with laughter and joy. An unforgettable Italian wedding celebrating international love and harmony.

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