Catherine & Jonathan

Louisiana Wedding in Tuscany

The Details

The Story

The lucky number for Catherine and Jonathan’s wedding in Tuscany was the #2.

Two years to plan.  Jonathan was finishing up law school, a priority for them both.

Two planners: one in the US and one in Italy.

Two trips to Italy: the first to choose their wedding venue in Tuscany and the second to choose their favors from Naples where Catherine ‘accidentally’ happen upon the perfect wedding gown!  Jon’s heritage is neapolitan so Naples holds a special place in their hearts.

Two separate wedding ceremonies:  the first was held in the Florence town hall, inside the magnificent Red Room where they sealed their bond legally in an ornately decorated stateroom where governments met with the powerful Medici family during the renaissance.  The second ceremony took place in the chapel on the grounds of their Tuscany castle Vicchiomaggio, where a solemn religious ceremony with their own Pastor from home gave spiritual meaning to their marriage in Italy.

Memorable moments:

♥  Tenor David Righeschi sang ‘Ave Maria’ in the chapel, accompanied by a string quartet

♥  The ladies all went horsebackriding the day before the wedding

♥  The day after the wedding close family moved on to Verona to attend an opera performance

The family stayed at the castle for a week and enjoyed the relaxed Tuscan lifestyle, wine tasting, learning to cook Italian food, and lots and lots of shopping!



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