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5-Star reviews for 9 years in a row on Wedding Wire puts Efffetti Wedding Planners in Italy at the top of the list for reliability, professionalism, and passionate planning skills.  Whether your wedding is in Tuscany, on the Italian Lakes or the Amalfi Coast, Efffetti offers planners, coordinators, celebrants as well as legal paperwork assistance to get the job done.


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♥ Perfect Italy Wedding, Bonnie Marie: I met Francesca at a press conference, we were sitting next to each other and she asked me for my phone number and we started whatsapping comments about the information being presented. She will always keep you involved in whatever is going on and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that she would be the one to create the largest network of wedding professionals EVER:  the Tuscan Wedding Network. Francesca is all about connections, sharing the love, making anything and everything a party, and enjoying life! She is dynamic and energetic while highly organized and professional. Do couples love her? Just read her stellar reviews on wedding wire. ♥

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