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Wedding flowers in Tuscany by Stiatti Fiori means top quality blooms as well as props for a wide variety of set ups like photobooths, lounge decor, cigar corners, flowerless themes.

Stiatti Fiori has been in the wedding in Italy business for decades making them by far the most reliable, professional, and fun-loving florists in Tuscany.  With an ample warehouse of  accessories they provide all the support for your wedding day set up.  Photobooth furniture, feathers, candles galore … just make a wishlist and send it to Stiatti Fiori, they always deliver.


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Perfect Italy Wedding, Bonnie Marie:  It’s not a wedding in Tuscany without one of the Stiatti team onsite!  I’ve worked on tons of weddings with Nadia, Andrea, Cinzia, and I love visiting their warehouse to see their mom and dad hard at work creating beautiful details for couples who come so far for their special day.  Like all Italian family businesses, the Stiatti family is proud to offer fine Italian craftsmanship and style for Made in Italy excellence.

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