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Cindy Salgado is a wedding designer in Italy who helps busy couples create authentic, luxurious weddings in Tuscany.  She designs events filled with the culture and charm of Italy combined with the personality and vision of the couple getting married.  Cindy takes on only a handful of events each year so she can offer luxurious, personalized service and guarantee the highest quality of work.  This way she also curates design and coordination from start to finish and really becomes close with her clients in order to create their perfect wedding.


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Cindy:  I’m fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, Pasta, Pizza and Wine, LOL!  I can communicate easily and clearly with couples and vendors to ensure that wedding planning is a worry-free process.

It can be intimidating having a wedding in a different country, with the many barriers and particularities, but I handle all the technicalities to ensure my clients arrive at their wedding to have a blast and make unforgettable memories!

Perfect Italy Wedding:  Cindy’s Hispanic heritage accounts for her flare and vibrant personality, and her acute organizational skills and good taste create memorable, unique wedding events in Tuscany.

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