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As ordained wedding celebrants in Italy we create and officiate each wedding ceremony with joy and dedication.  We send you samples and walk you through wording, readings, music, and any rituals you may want to include.  Your wedding day is special and it is our job to make the moment you say ‘I do’ the most memorable of all.

Think about what your wedding ceremony means to you both and hold that thought.  We help you put it into words and take the necessary steps to enhance your wedding vows and make this moment the most special and memorable of the day, as it should be.  Your guests have travelled far and wide to be with you to witness your commitment.  This is the most important part of your event and it should be unforgettable.

We stay in touch with you through skype and email and if you have a wedding planner, we are happy to work with them on set up details, music, and timing.

We provide a wedding certificate printed on Florentine parchment paper as a special keepsake of your Italian wedding ceremony.


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