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Villa Balbianello

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Villa Balbianello Weddings and Receptions on Lake Como – this is THE most photographed venue and it belongs to the Italian Environmental Foundation.

There is no other location on Lake Como quite like Villa Balbianello.  Most remembered as Naboo – Anakin and Padme’s wedding backdrop in Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones, Villa Balbianello boasts appearances in 007’s Casino Royale, too.  A Hollywood resumè that survived time thanks to American businessman and politician, Butler Ames who had seen the villa during a time of splendor then again after WWI, heartbreakingly abandoned.  It took him 7 years to track down the owners and convince them to sell it to him and he loved the villa so much that he forbade his children from selling it for 20 years after his death.  Eventually, they sold it to another big fan, Italian explorer Guido Monzinowho filled the villa with artefacts and relics he collected on expeditions around the globe.  Monzino was without heirs so he willed the villa to the Italian Environmental Foundation (FAI) who raise money for maintenance of this location and many others by renting some of the spaces for weddings and events.

Starting rental fees for this dream location are 10 guests at €2,500 for a two-hour slot in Loggia Durini (2019-2020) offering stunning views of Lake Como.  The loggia is covered in an evergreen creeping fig that winds itself up the columns and archways offering the perfect frame for pictures.



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