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Hello, my name is Jo, I am the founder and principal ceremony celebrant in Italy at Tuscan Pledges.  I was born near Rome of an Italian dad and an American mom, so I am bilingual – which is a plus in my job as it allows me to hold ceremonies in both languages and liaise with the locals to help you out with any problem you may meet in organizing your wedding in Italy.



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I actually started out my career in the wedding business as a translator for legally-binding civil weddings in Italy, but I soon discovered how much more I enjoyed celebrating Italian symbolic weddings. That’s an easy choice, if you know how dry and impersonal civil weddings can be, lol!

I should also add that holding ceremonies runs in the family, my dad is a Protestant minister and my mom a lay preacher; that said, I must point out that my ceremonies are definitely not religious. If anything, they are spiritual, and most of all work around the idea of symbolism and rituality. I truly believe we are missing a lot when we don’t include rituals in our special moments. Rituals help us understand the value of what we do and leave deep marks in our memories, replacing the rites of passage we have lost in our modern culture.

When I started out 14 years ago, it was just me; but the business has expanded considerably and now there are 6 of us on the team, all carefully trained by me personally. Our celebrants speak several languages so that we are able to perform ceremonies in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, and of course English.

We have all worked with same-sex couples and we are happy to put you in touch with them if you wish to have first-hand feedback on how we work.
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♥ Perfect Italy Wedding:  We first met Jo almost 15 years ago … how time flies when you’re having fun doing weddings in Italy!  From the very first moment her soft spoken mannerism gave a very soothing feel to our conversation and this is undoubtedly a personal trait that makes her a loved and sought-after celebrant for weddings.  Her son now follows in her footsteps and his distinct, pastor-like figure leads bride and groom to their happy ending with class.  Your wedding is in good hands with Jo and her team ♥

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