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Masseria Palesi

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Among the best wedding venues in Puglia for a wedding in Puglia. Masseria Palesi is a hacienda-style venue in the south of Italy. That is to say, a rural chic style with accents on charm, history, and one of a kind hospitality.

Wedding in Puglia: the deep south

Masseria Palesi lies close to Martina Franca, a quaint town in the heart of the Itria valley.  It is an equal distance from two seas, that is the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea.  It is nestled amidst secular oak trees extending over rolling hills, making it one of the best wedding venues in Puglia.  Additionally, the Masseria recently re-opened to the public after centuries of hosting aristocratic families.
The current owners lovingly restored and refurbished Masseria Palesi to its traditional 17th-century style.  Therefore, the estate is blessed with an organic vineyard highlighting its understated elegance and authenticity.

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Endless Inspiration and Spaces

Masseria Palesi is perfect for one day events or wedding in Puglia weekends alike.  There is an impressive variety of areas where different moments of your event may unfold.  Firstly, alfresco dining areas include a stunning courtyard and an extensive antique facade as the backdrop.  Secondly, stately interiors include baroque-style ballrooms embellished with classical elements as a result of a twentieth-century restyling. Moreover, the re-purposed stables afford an indoor party in a particularly unique ambiance.
Let your imagination run through the numerous themes and spaces to choose from.  For example, the outdoor threshing floor and traditional farmyard looks best in string lights for a rustic-chic feel.  Meanwhile, the majestic main courtyard and frescoed interiors pave the way for an elegant gala.  On the other hand, Boho stylists love the vineyard setting for bucolic celebrations.

Full-service at best wedding venues in Puglia

Masseria Palesi can accommodate up to 300 guests for a festive wedding in Puglia or bespoke intimate weddings for smaller groups.
An experienced, creative wedding team helps you throughout with every single detail, thus taking the stress out of remote wedding planning and design. Request a brochure by writing them directly, then discuss your options with their friendly event staff.

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