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Experienced wedding photographer in Italy Riccardo Pieri takes care to record your wedding day completely. He travels around Italy and abroad to document all the emotions before, during, and after you say ‘I do’.


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Perfect Italy Wedding:  At a restaurant in downtown Florence one evening there was this Florentine guy and his wife sitting across the table from us, the dinner was a few of co-workers from the Tuscan Wedding Network who wanted to meet for a bite.  We talked for a while, laughing (Florentines are hilarious), he said he was a photographer, we all said good night, and that was the last I saw of him until I got the pictures.  He had shot a wedding for me, a friend who was eloping to the Italian lakes, details handled by Efffetti Weddings

Looking through the photos … I was on the verge of tears.  All the joy and love that Rainy and Dean felt on their wedding day transpired so clearly in Riccardo’s images.  Like he had had a straw and just sipped out their emotions and then let them flow onto a canvas.  All I could say was ‘Meet the princess’. ♥

Update on Riccardo Pieri:  He now has a photo studio at Ferragamo’s magical hamlet, Il Borro.

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