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Baglio Oneto

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Breathtaking Sunset

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Feature wedding venue Baglio Oneto is one of the few places that tick all the boxes for a luxury wedding in Sicily. It is an ancient fortified house gloriously representing island life. Most importantly, it showcases the Oneto family’s dedication to preserving its history and memory.

Sicilian Colors and Traditions

A typical day starts with Mediterranean blue skies at sunrise and after that, a scarlet red sunset just perfect to sip a cool wine spritzer.  Baglio Oneto is set slightly above sea level and as a result, it overlooks the landscape all the way to the coast.  A wine and olive oil producing estate that is locked in Sicilian tradition for high-quality products. During your stay for your wedding in Sicily, enjoy a private wine tasting.  In short, learn all about their selection of white wines like Grillo, Inzolia and Zibbibo.   Likewise, enjoy deep red wines like Nero d’Avola and a special dessert wine, Marsala DOC Virgin Reserve.

Your Luxury Wedding in Sicily

Experience a blissful wedding week of fun with friends and family.  Baglio Oneto’s professional staff will assist you in planning a wedding in Sicily in every single detail.  Take a look at the gallery below and then scroll through information about accommodations and activities to enhance your luxury wedding in Sicily.



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Accommodations for wedding in Sicily guests and newlyweds

To accommodate guests who travel so far for your wedding in Sicily, Baglio Oneto offers 49 rooms that are tastefully furnished. In addition, amenities include a/c units, wifi, sea views, toiletries, and much more.

The most romantic room reserved for the newlyweds is the Old Tower Suite.  It is a private apartment for two built in stone and wooden beam ceilings.  A jaw-dropping view of the Sicilian islands from the private terrace makes for intimate moments together.

Activities for all

  • Visit the Baglio!  This fortified house protecting the grounds and the ancient cellar where wines are aged. Learn about the coat of arms of the Oneto family and the Holy Apostolic Palaces they supplied.  After that, sit down and savor the wines and olive oil that they have been producing for centuries.
  • Sicilian cooking class!  Put on your apron and dive into southern Italian cuisine.  Learn how to make the traditional fish couscous, brought to Sicily by the Arabs, their closest neighbors to the south.  Then try your hand at gnoccoli, a fresh Marsala pasta. Buon appetito!
  • Private painting classes! Who better than an authentic Italian artist to teach you how to glide a brush over a canvas.  Inspire the artist within at open-air lessons surrounded by Sicilian countryside.  Compose your own memory of your luxury wedding in Sicily.

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