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On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this is the perfect place for a Villa Wedding in Rome with luxury accommodations for your guests and fine dining.

The Old Post House is one of Rome’s biggest kept secret’s.  Besides the breathtaking Mediterranean views and lush, manicured gardens, it’s the food … oh, the food!

Just ask J Paul Getty.



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La Posta Vecchia is an extraordinary testimony to centuries of Italian history:  first a seaside resort loved by Roman emperors, then a renaissance palace for the noble Orsini family and after that, home to American billionaire J Paul Getty who filled the Villa with Italian treasures from past and present. Lastly, Roberto Sciò found La Posta Vecchia irresistible and made it his family home.

The original villa was built by Prince Orsini in 1640 and for centuries held on to its tradition as a lodge for wealthy travelers, only to be partially destroyed in a fire in 1918.

It was only natural that in 1960,  J Paul Getty would buy the property and alongside art historian Federico Zeri, restore it to its original splendor adding artwork and singular pieces of furniture from the 15th and 17th centuries. During restoration, the remains of a Roman villa dating back to the 2nd century BC were found beneath the foundations and the Italian Archaeological Authority carried out excavations uncovering ancient walls, colorful mosaics, African and Greek marble as well as an array of crockery, lamps and amphoras. Today guests may have a private viewing of these valuable discoveries in The Post House’s museum on the lower ground floor.

The J Paul Getty suite is a must for honeymooners, make that first night really count!  The Medici Suite is perfect for the girls to get ready in, an inspiring indoor pool and spa is just what the bridesmaids need to pamper the lady of the day!


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