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Wedding Motion Italy Videographers document your wedding in Italy and turn it into a unique story on film, all with Italian love and care.  Their young team of experienced moviemakers follows your wedding day as it develops. Starting with preparation shots and moments with besties, the walk down the aisle, guests’ tears of joy, walk down the aisle as newlyweds, then the dinner with great Italian food and wine, some portraits of the Mr. and the Mrs., then cake and party- never a missed moment!


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Destination wedding in Italy Videographers with more than a decade of experience with couples of all cultures and nationalities.  Wedding Motion Italy is inspired by personalities and telling your unique love story is their one mission.  Getting married in Italy is a fairytale moment in life.  Whether you choose Italy for the art, the history, the good food and wine, the hospitality, or because it’s a good compromise destination for guests traveling from all over the world, the people at Wedding Motion Italy will capture and enhance everything to make an everlasting memory for you and your family and friends.

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