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The epitome of live gospel music in Italy is Human White Soul!  This is an innovative group of musicians performing a wide variety of genres like classical and gospel for ceremonies, funk, soul, pop, rock, and dj sets.

Human White Soul boasts an impressive line up of musical groups:  classical (duo, trio, quartette, all the way to octettes), DJ sets, live bands who play all the popular kinds of party music like jazz, funk, pop, soul.

Their pièce de résistance is undoubtedly a gospel choir, the July Gospel Singers who perform impeccable spirituals with dominant vocals and harmony on Christian lyrics.  Luca Luglio, one of the company’s four founders, directs the choir which is divided into sopranos, contraltos, tenors and bass, flanked by piano, bass and drums.

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Music for Weddings in Italy

Human White Soul covers all the music entertainment you need during your entire event.

  • Wedding Ceremony Music (classical/gospel)
  • Wedding Cocktails and Reception (jazz, Italian and international swing, lounge)
  • After dinner party and dancing (live band or dj set)

About Human White Soul

Human White Soul (HWS) began as a soul band in 2013. Four musicians from diverse musical backgrounds got together and decided to create a show around jazz and funk.

From there Luca Luglio and Emanuela Basagni moved towards gospel and gave space to a pop soul and dance ensemble.

The HWS project now encompasses an extensive variety of music genres to meet the needs of an ever diverse clientele. The talented, professional musicians making up all of the instrumental groups work together to provide high quality entertainment and in the wedding industry, they have been particularly successful having worked with celebrity Italian wedding planner Enzo Miccio.


Luca Luglio founded the July Gospel singers from the ‘Voices of Jerico’ choir in 2005.  Choreographer Monica Cesari has helped the group emphasize movement during their performance to enhance their artistry.

Musical arrangements portray a mix of blues, soul, funk and jazz through harmonizing sometimes tending towards the classical.  Rhythm, pathos, and soul are the key elements characterizing gospel music.

Pieces in their repertory embrace most of all Afro-american spirituals with hints of jazz, blues, soul, and pop.

The group works closely with the Campi Bisenzio School of Music in Florence in collaboration with numerous stars including Sherrita Duran, Omar Jama, Damiano Niccolini, Nico Gori, Fabio Morgera, Ermanno Allulli, Cinzia Spinelli, Claudio Giovagnoli, Daniele Vettori, and Ella Armstrong.

They have held over 200 live concerts around Italy and appear on national Italian television frequently to open music-related shows such as X Factor and BeVoice.


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