Tuscan convent San Bartolomeo

Convento San Bartolomeo

Secluded Tuscan Wedding Oasis

Immersed in nature

Seclusion and privacy

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Your guests will be awe-struck at this Tuscan wedding oasis where nature and spirituality combine to make your extended Italian wedding celebration one of a kind.  Located not far from Saint Francis’ very own birthplace, the 13th-century convent is named after San Bartolomeo (Saint Nathaniel) and was completely rebuilt in 1816.  The main building encircles a central cloister lined with the original Corinthian columns, while in the center an ancient wishing well still stands.

Where frescoes have been uncovered, they are restored with care.  Rooms and common areas are simply furnished in line with the atmosphere of seclusion. Outside, the ‘friars’ garden embraces the main buildings and the entire estate is set in a forest bordering the Val d’Orcia.  Off-the-beaten-path and far from tourist traps, the convent offers a true Tuscan experience hosting up to 150 for each event.  The 15 comfortable rooms sleep up to 35 people.

Legally binding civil ceremonies are permitted on the grounds as well as religious ceremonies in the catholic church on location.


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