If you are dreaming of a vineyard wedding in Italy, there are 3 things to keep in mind to guarantee a breathtaking photoshoot and romantic, everlasting memories of the exhilarating experience.

#1 When to go

While June is a beautiful month for the weather, the vineyards are still quite bare with few leaves and no burgundy bunches hanging down to color your photo backdrop. The best season is right before harvest when the plants are bursting with fruit. Harvest occurs mid-September all the way to end-October, depending on how much rain the fall brings.

#2 What to wear

Vineyards are continuously plowed all year round, so the soil in between rows is loose and sometimes muddy.  Bring a pair of sneakers to walk through the grapevines to get awesome headshots and those rays of sunlight shining through the grape leaves.

#3 How to keep safe

vineyard wedding in Italy

Vineyards are a natural habitat for insects like mosquitos, yellow jackets, and bees.  Spread some repellent if your shoulders are bare and watch out for the bees, they love to chase your fragrant bouquet and get wrapped up in pretty wedding veils!