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Amalfi Coast Luxury Villa: Villa Cimbrone

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Surreal and mystical, Villa Cimbrone is one of the most sought-after locations for destination weddings on the Amalfi Coast.  Located in the small town of Ravello and perched high above the actual coastline, the Villa is a testimony to the opulence this area of southern Italy has been know for throughout the centuries and represents a magnet for celebrities, artists, diplomats, and just about anyone who is anyone. The main villa is a 5 star hotel which could only host a Michelin-starred chef in its restaurant.  The grounds are lush Mediterranean gardens where statues and walkways guide you to a breathtaking terrace overlooking a plunge 1.5 kilometers long.  One of the most impressive dining areas is the crypt, a gothic-style open gallery overlooking mountain ranges and coastline.