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Rosapaola Lucibelli

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She’s Fearless, she’s published, she’s a highly trained and experienced wedding photographer.  Part of Rosapaola’s dedication to photography was inspired when she lived in New York and was selected to join the One year Documentary Program at ICP-International Center of Photography.  She started focusing on weddings and families, including her own, and now she is a mother of two boys and loving wife to Simone.  Rosapaola is based in Italy between Rome and Florence.

Perfect Italy Wedding, Bonnie Marie:  I met Rosapaola once and we have been friends ever since.  She has that effect on almost everyone she meets, even on the mother of the bride at the first wedding we did together way back in 2009; we are all still friends.  It’s magical when a person radiates such an aura of positive energy and that is who Rosapaola is.  It must be contagious because if you look at her photoshoots you see happiness, you see comfort, calm, tranquility.  Just like Rosapaola.