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Mark and Ginger Medina-Rios run ViaMedina, a private chef and culinary concierge service out of Tuscania, Italy. They specialize in private dining for smaller groups and larger events, culinary tours, and cooking courses around the country and work with farmers and artisans to find the very best products and recipes. A Michelin trained chef, Mark worked in New York and his native London for more than 10 years before moving to Italy in 2013. His wife Ginger has worked in the hospitality industry for nearly 20 years throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Perfect Italy Wedding, Bonnie Marie:  Ginger and I met online and it wasn’t until almost two years after whatsapping that we actually met face to face!  She and Mark were in Florence for an event and we met up at Mama’s for a bagel and coffee.  Ginger and Mark are meant for each other and for private dining, Mark is a spectacular chef albeit being British (c’mon Mark, I just had to put that in 😉 and Ginger as his U.S. side is all bubbles and brilliance.  

The most impressive Thanksgiving dinner I have EVER had (seriously, EVER) was prepared by Mark. Authentic food just like the pilgrims would have had and not just an exquisite turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes.  Appetizers included the BEST onion rings I have EVER had (seriously, EVER), fresh, hand-cut and fried potato chips, and to top it all off, not just the old pumpkin pie but soft, fluffy, stark white, homemade marshmallows!  Whoever said the Brits can’t cook hasn’t met Mark, evidently!