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Victoria Boukhanets is your wedding planner in Apulia, the southern region of Italy on the top of the list for destination weddings in Italy.  Victoria designs your day from A to Z and exploits the beauty and natural essence of the region. As a foreigner herself she understands what it means to be a foreign country: ‘Visiting Italy has always been easy, with me it is even easier!’.

♥ Perfect Italy Wedding, Bonnie Marie:  Victoria’s first question when I met her was, “Do you have a dog?”.  She has two, enormous, lovable, ebony and ivory pooches who fill her life with joy.  Victoria’s strength is not only being Russian, she is also actually, truly strong. She is a professional body builder and that is where she gets her intense ability to focus and create wonderful events for her clients, see for yourself on Wedding Wire.  Count on Victoria to deliver a memorable wedding day in the magical land of Puglia and beyond. ♥