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Gianluca and Mary Adovasio

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Gianluca:  Mary and I are husband and wife, we met in high school and since then we are always together. We share a passion for photography, and since 2001 we started our career in the field of wedding photography. We live in the south of Italy, in a small village near the sea and we have a two cats Katty & Holly.  We love nature, animals and good food, we like to travel and learn about new places and new people. Our style is really a hybrid. We have so many inspirations that come from so many different places and try to implement them in our images. We love the raw emotion of photojournalism and the seductive, mysterious look of fashion photography. We believe that weddings are a social celebration of a very sacred commitment. We feel honored to be participants in every wedding we shoot and treat both the day and the people involved with the highest level of respect.


Perfect Italy Wedding, Bonnie Marie:  Husband and wife photography teams are really special in Italy, it’s such a statement to have a couple who’ve been together for so long already be there shooting the tender moments of your wedding day.  They know exactly when those moments happen and why, so they’re ready when you are.  Mary and Gianluca are a loving, caring, and hilarious couple I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I mean pleasure!