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After the day is done, you’ve said your I do’s, you’ve toasted and roasted, pulled the pork and cut the cake … when it’s all over you just want to PARTY with your friends and family!  You want a DJ who is fun, knows your group, and adds some entertainment to the night.

Who you gonna call? MUSIC IN TOWN!  This young team of DJs and entertainers rolls up in their improbable jalope and trailer to unpack equipment that will pump up and light up your event.  They provide everything you need for party set up including sounds systems, karaoke screens, lights and backdrops.

Expert wedding and reception music programming – they read the crowd and know when to play the right song, why, and how to lead your guests. Music in Town creates the perfect mood, feeling or memory through the application of proper wedding knowledge and extensive wedding experience using multiple music genres, tempo, styles, and trends to create or change the energy in a room. This is a refined skill, especially at weddings, like the great Michelangelo piece of art, and continually developed one wedding at a time. It’s something that school DJs, bar/bat mitzvah DJs, or club/night club DJs simply can never do because they do not continually play for a wide variety of audience ages and music styles.

Being young and energetic they are crowd motivators. They love the music just as much as you do and they inspire hype to keep people on the dance floor having the time of their life.

The ability to create the right atmosphere for an event isn’t necessarily what you see, but how you see it, creating the overall ambiance and enhancing the experience according to your vision for maximum enjoyment. This ranges from no lighting, to simple lighting, up-lighting, theatrical lighting, intelligent lighting, dance club style lighting, special effects and more. Music in Town provides it all for you!