The part of Italian weddings that Italians love best is when it’s time for a kiss! Here’s how to get the best on camera at your wedding in Italy.

Clear the way from photobombers

Wedding FlorenceYour very first kiss will be at the conclusion of your wedding ceremony when the Italian wedding celebrant says those magical words, “You may now seal your bond with a kiss!”
Make sure to tell your celebrant beforehand to step aside after the pronouncement so your photographer can get a full shot of your kiss along with your framing floral arch.
There will be lots more pictures of the two of you kissing from this point on, so keep an eye out for random photobombers like venue staff or service staff during the reception.

Beautiful Italian backdrop

Add beauty to that special moment by picking a backdrop that will paint your kissing canvas and make it frame-worthy.  A stunning Tuscan landscape, an amazing frescoed ceiling, a tufa stone farmhouse wall, an ancient door, an ivy-clad fence  …  Italian backdrops embrace your smooches with love and lasting memories. Scout out ahead of time for the different places at your ceremony venue where you want to freeze those special Italian elements and better yet, hire a local Italian wedding photographer who will already know where the best spots are.

Pick a side

 -Any actor will tell you that we all have a good side and a better side, so pick your camera-worthy side and make sure that is the one facing the photographer as much as possible.  Girls, If you are wearing a strapless, spaghetti strap or short sleeve Italian wedding gown be sure to check your arms:  putting your hands around his neck helps stretch out any loose or puckered skin and if there’s too much to stretch then ask your photographer to make adjustments in post-production or just focus on your faces in the frame or more shots from a distance.  Boys, inspect your best side too, where maybe your beard is more uniform and maybe your hair combs over a receding hairline.  Also, when you shave up for the wedding day remember noses and ears grow hair too.

Hold that kiss

Your photography team shoots at least 1,000 frames to be sure to get you at your best, so give them a chance to get multiple shots of your kisses to choose from by looking into each other’s eyes and holding each kiss just a little bit longer than you normally would.  Avoid sloppy make-outs as well as passionless pecks.  You may want to practice some of your favorite kisses before the wedding day … just to be sure you get it right … right?  😉

Appoint a set director

If your maid of honor is following you for hair and make up touch ups during your photoshoot, let her tag along with you and check the surroundings to preview your picture to your liking.  She will be next to you for your first kiss and she can make sure the celebrant moves over at pronouncement.  She can check out good backdrops with you before the ceremony, she’ll give you an honest opinion on your best side, and she can help you help you relax by making sure you always look your best.