How do I love thee, Italy? Let me count the ways …..

When I tell Italians I’m from California their first reaction is ‘BELLA la California!’ and then they ask the big question, ‘So, why do you live in Italy?’

It’s always a hard one to answer so I let them answer it themselves .. sometimes they say,  ‘AHAAA! LOVE brought you here!‘ or ‘hmmmm, the food – Italian food is the best in the world!’ or “ooooh, It’s the wine!”

Well, here are some of the real reasons why I live in Italy and why I think it’s the one & only place for a wedding, an elopement, a honeymoon or any kind of party experience!

OK, I admit to the clichès:

Italian love

Italian wine and Italian food

I also love Italian landscapes and history

Italian gelato  and  Italian open markets

Italian marathons

Italian chefs

Italian humor

and of course, big Italian families


What ‘Italian‘ do you love?