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We believe Italy is the best destination in the world for a wedding and we pride ourselves on focusing solely on Weddings in Italy and the venues and vendors involved in them.

As the most romantic place in the world to get married in, all the real Italian weddings on our website showcase not only how stunning each one is, but also how different they are from each other – no two weddings on our website are alike, each one is unique, even when it is held at the same venue or when the same vendor contributes.

And the stories couples tell are all different, too. Whether getting married in Italy was inspired by a childhood dream, and engagement proposal, a study abroad memory, or represented a halfway point for bringing family together, the overall experience is so exhilarating!

The challenge in describing a destination wedding in Italy is that the experience is hard to fit into one, single image for someone to point at and say, ‘oh yeah, I want that’.
Our readers love to hear the whole story, how the idea developed, what the thinking process was for choosing vendors, locations, musicians, flowers or no flowers, photographers, and how ANYONE could survive putting together so many details and logistics when everything is so far away from home!

If you are one of the survivors and you have a great Italy wedding story, we would love to tell it here and post your images for others to see. Write to us directly at [email protected] and add your wedding date in the subject.

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