Elena and Luca’s wedding was as romantic as they come, inspired by a wedding venue so unique we just have to tell you the story of how it was saved from eternal ruin and brought it back to life for the joy of couples getting married in Italy.


Once upon a time in a land near Venice full of golden vineyards and fields of wheat, there was an ancient mill dedicated to crushing grain into flour for its villagers; and it did this day in and day out for four hundred years until unexpectedly and for reasons unknown, the mill stopped turning and was left abandoned.

After many, many years, one day, a ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ saw a picture of the mill up for sale.  They fell in love at first sight and knew right there and then what their mission would be for the future: bringing the mill back to life, just the way the villagers remembered it.  They searched far and wide for authentic stones, wood, and all the pieces that had been taken away through the years, and they travelled across Italy and many foreign lands like France, Morocco, and Tunisia, looking for just the right furnishings to keep the heart and soul of the mill alive.


After restoring the watermill to its original charm, all of its mystique and beauty is shared with visitors who come to experience life in one of Italy’s secret spots, so close to celebrity Venice but so little known to travelers from abroad.  A heaven on earth … just right for Luca and Elena’s wedding in Italy!


Just like Venice, the area around the watermill is full of canals that help irrigate vineyards bearing fruit for one of Italy’s most beloved wines: Prosecco.

Betty and Silvio at the Ancient Watermill accompany you through an incredible Italian experience indulging in farm-to-table feasts they take care in preparing themselves with locally grown produce.  Authentic homemade Italian food for your rehearsal dinner and wedding breakfast, set up outside or in the dining room.

Typical Italian dishes from the area are tortelli or tortelloni, big brothers of tortellini. They are dressed with fine cheese sauces or porcini mushrooms and blueberries.  While the most well known lettuce grown here is a red, oblong head called ‘trevigiana’, there are many herbs and plants that grow wild here too, such as asparagus and dandelion leaves, used in fine risottos.



Italian wedding cake with fresh chantilly cream to finish off dinner and start the party.


A perfect happily ever after for Elena and Luca, just married!


Photography credits:  Amarcord Studio photographer Gian Paolo Serna