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Winery in Tuscany

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The first tip Sabine and Julian give to other couples getting married in Italy is to get to know the locals.  They knew they wanted to get married in a winery but they had no idea how to go about it, so they travelled to Italy to pick their venue and took it from there to create their own personal wine lovers wedding in Tuscany.


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We chose a special location for our wedding, on the top of a Tuscan hill in the Chianti Rufina area. We are wine lovers and totally crazy about Italy, and during one of our holidays in Tuscany we stopped at Colognole for a wine tasting and we met Cesare, one of the owners of this family-run business.  He was so full of passion for his wine and family company that connected with us on the spot. The views from the top of the estate vineyards are amazing, the villa and surroundings even more so, and the food was honest, simple and divine. It was at that very moment, during that holiday (2013/2014) that we decided this would be the perfect location for our dream wedding.


We embraced a vintage theme, fitting for this location and our style. Day 1 of our celebration started with a pool party so everybody could relax after their long trip, and we ended the first day together with friends and family with an impressive wine tasting hosted by Cesare.


Day 2 was the big day. During our vows we had a special moment:  before the wedding we bought a large bottle of a very fine vintage Chianti riserva stored in a wooden box.  We had both written a letter privately about everything we admire, respect and love about each other.  During the ceremony we put the letters in the box, together with the wine, and with the help of a couple of nails and a hammer we sealed it.
The whole idea is that when we will ever (hopefully never!) find ourselves in hard times, having doubts about our future together; we just open the box, read the letters, and drink the beautiful wine together so we remember again why we fell in love in the first place…

We had a lot of special moments really, thanks to Mattia Nebbiai, a great tenor from Tuscany who sang ‘Che gelida manina‘ by Puccini to accompany Sabine down the aisle.  He also sang ‘Mamma’ for my mother, that was very precious.
We will never forget the many funny and emotional speeches during dinner, and the perfect harmony and romantic, happy atmosphere we had for three days with our best friends and dearest family members.


On day 3 we looked back with our guests on some unique and memorable days, reminiscing over a fine Italian dinner at Il Colognolo.
If we could do it again,  we wouldn’t change a thing, everything was just perfect and beyond our expectations.

Our advice to future brides would be to get to know some locals in the area where you want to marry, the people in this area are very kind and they will help you whenever they can.

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