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Cristina & Marc

Wedding on the Beach in Puglia

Beach Blessing

All night party

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This wedding on the beach in Puglia is full of fun, laughs, partying, and of course tradition. A solemn ceremony on the beach, high low wedding gown, Jewish blessing.

We love LOve LOVE a whimsical couple! Cristina and Marc had the best wedding in Puglia and we are bubbling happy to show you the pictures, so let’s start with the bride.

Don’t be fooled by the rock

Gorgeous heirloom band and engagement set, she said YES and so did he!



More details

Playful moments

Every second of Cristina and Marc’s wedding day went by with a laugh.  Their ride to the ceremony, their guests, and their party all made the day a happy memory.

Ceremony on the beach

One of the few places in Italy where a ceremony may be performed on the beach with the Mediterranean Sea as your backdrop. Cristina and Marc were blessed with a reform ceremony and heartfelt Jewish traditions.

Save the best for last!

Time to par-tay! The 2018 game of choice was the shoe game, a truth or dare to start marriage off on the right foot.


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