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Stacy & Liam

White Wedding in Apulia

Whitewashed walls

Ancient Olive Trees

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Total white for this wedding in Puglia Italy, now the number one celebrity destination for getting married in style in Italy.  Stacy and Liam are both English teachers who live in Dubai and they had been dreaming about getting married in Puglia da sempre – since day one!


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White glamour typical of Mediterranean beach ambiance in the southern-most Italian region of Italy called Puglia or Apulia.  Stacy and Liam’s Italian wedding venue sparkled: an elegant white-washed masseria – a hacienda-style estate common in this region of southern Italy – where they were joined in a civil ceremony with a small group of guests witnessing their I do’s.  The Masseria’s bucolic atmosphere features endless olive groves, wild ponies grazing in the fields, doggies running all around, a funky band and authentic southern Italian cuisine. This wedding venue in Italy  was a perfect fit for Stacy and Liam’s idea of a wedding ambiance.
Unspoilt nature in a rural setting made every detail of their Italian wedding stay simple:  bales of hay, string lights, barrels, fresh herbs and flowers, all the way down to a naked wedding cake. So easy-going.
They both love music, singing, dancing and laughing, so they invited their closest family and friends from the UK and Jamaica and danced away the whole night long.
How often does the groom take stage? Hardly ever, but being a singer himself, Liam performed his one hour long speech by singing his own lyrics over a background of some of the most popular songs: everyone loved it and kept laughing ….
Colors reflected the vibrant personalities of bride and groom.  A wide variety of shades all the way down to limoncello favors in different shapes tagged with hand made name tags and silver painted wooden table numbers.  Something to stand out on the white wedding they had been waiting for.

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