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A Surprise Wedding

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Wedding in Siena

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A surprise wedding in Siena perfectly planned in every detail. Would you say yes if your partner set up a surprise wedding for you? Here’s what happened when Luis decided to surprise Jessica with not just an engagement proposal on the Spanish Steps in Rome, but a full-fledged civil ceremony in Siena and reception at Castello di Gargonza.

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More details

Planning the surprise

Luis called a local wedding planner in Italy and said he was interested in … no, that he WANTED TO … get legally married in Siena.  The planner set up a call to discuss details and here’s how it went:

Luis:  ‘I’m proposing in Rome at the Spanish steps, so we’ll get her wedding dress there and then come to Tuscany for the wedding.’

Planner:  ‘She doesn’t know you’re proposing?’

Luis:  ‘No, it’s a surprise!’

Planner:  ‘You seem awfully confident that she’ll say ‘yes’ …

Luis: ‘Oh yes, I’m sure she will.’

Pulling off the surprise engagement in Rome

Luis set up the surprise proposal to take place at the Spanish steps and after Jessica said ‘yes’ (whew!) she wanted to call her family.  Luis had them flown over in the meantime and when her father walked out from behind the steps, she couldn’t hold back the tears!  Following him were her mom, sisters and brothers with spouses. Lots of family love!

The surprise wedding in Siena

Most of the details for the wedding were ordered last minute, like Jessica’s red rose topiary bouquet.  But the part that was the most daunting to get done was the civil ceremony paperwork, and for that Luis relied on an accomplice, Jessica’s sister.  Everything was filed on time and there were no hiccups in the process. Their legal wedding in a stunning Siena wedding hall was pulled off perfectly!

Jessica had picked out her Italian wedding gown in Rome at Max Mara, and her shoes too.  A local florist created the perfect topiary bouquet and smaller bouquets for her bridesmaids, plus an elegant wrist corsage for her mom and boutonnieres for all the men.

After a photoshoot throughout the Siena town hall – actually a museum filled with amazing frescoes and statues – the wedding party moved to a small cafè for a limoncello toast before going to dinner.  An intimate reception at Castello di Gargonza‘s Tower restaurant offered fine Tuscan dining and beautiful vistas on the countryside.

Lucky rain

Despite considerable ‘lucky’ rainfall, Luis and Jessica’s wedding in Siena is one of the most romantic wedding stories told. A surprise wedding that will be remembered forever.

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