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Island of the Gods

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Mediterranean style embraces Taylee and Gianmarco at their exotic seaside wedding in Sardinia. This small island packs amazing vistas worthy of the gods and goddesses’ homeland.  It is clear why Greek Gods and Goddesses gathered on the island of Sardinia, it is a heaven on earth, barely populated, and surrounded by waters found only in vacation escapes like the Caribbean or Polinesia.


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At their Religious Blessing in Sardinia, Taylee and Gianmarco celebrated their special day surrounded by family, friends, and stunning nature. The Stella Maris Church in Porto Cervo resembles the whitewashed chapels on Santorini, reflecting Sardinia’s ancient history stemming from the pre-Roman era when it was inhabited by Phoenician merchants.  The island is barely populated and most of the locals live inland as they are traditionally shepherds.  This is why the local cuisine is based on pork or porceddu, and sheep.  Sardinians are well known for their pecorino cheese and the ones who moved to the mainland took their trade to regions like Tuscany and Lazio where sheep cheese is the best in Italy and used in many pasta dishes like carbonara and accompanies fava beans during spring.

Photographer Julian Kanz covered Taylee and Gianmarco’s wedding day, from Taylee getting ready with her friends at a Hotel Romazzino, part of the Marriott luxury collection overlooking white sandy beaches in a sheltered bay entirely reserved for guests.  While the location hosts over 200 guests, Taylee and Gianmarco’s event was intimate and private.

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