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Wedding on Lake Orta

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Get married legally on the Italian lakes in an elegant villa where you are bound in a civil ceremony on the shores of Lake Orta.

Little girls and their dreams. They watch a Cinderella movie once and then picture their very own Prince Charming and royal wedding day for their whole childhood (ok, it’s really about the glass slippers, isn’t it girls?!).


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Rainy carried the vision of her prince charming all the way from childhood when they first met as kids, all the way to grad school where they met again as adults. A reunion here, an engagement there, and some years later her dream wedding in Italy on Lake Orta. Just like a fairytale … but real … and in Italy!

Italian lakes are the perfect setting for classic romance.  The shores are spotted with villas and chalets where locals sit sipping wines produced locally like bubbly prosecco and hefty Bardolino.  There are many to choose from as well, Lake Orta is one of the smaller Italian lakes, then there is the famous Lake Como, next Lake Garda, and closer to Milan is Lake Maggiore where the Stresa international music festival takes place.  Some of the lakes have small islands where weddings are held, like isola del Garda on the namesake lake, Isola Bella and Isola Borromeo on Lake Maggiore, and where Rainy and Dean had an intimate celebratory meal with close friends in attendance, on the isle of San Giulio on Lake Orta.

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