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Carla & Marzio

Pet friendly Wedding in Piedmont

Inseparable furry friend

Gourmet food and wine

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This pet-friendly wedding in Italy confirms the country’s love for animals, passed down from Saint Francis. See Carla and Marzio’s delicious gourmet wedding in Piedmont in the gallery, then read the rest of their story below.


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Authentic Italian Wedding

An authentic Italian Wedding in a castle, in a catholic church, in total Italian style with tears of happiness EVERYWHERE!

Get married in Piedmont

Known for its wines, cheese, and truffles as well as its castles, like the Agenzia di Pollenzo – Piedmont a special region for slow food lifestyle where heavenly flavors and aromas are the center of attention.
Carla and Marzio picked the epitome in enogastronomical paradise to share with their guests on this special day.

Color theme

Carla embraced a deep red bouquet to contrast her white gown from Alca Sposa and to compliment the red bricks of their Italian castle.  Red roses, red stoles covering her bridesmaids, red table centerpieces, too.
Marzio was marrying the girl of his dreams and the couple included all the little ones for a day of celebrating – and what a celebration! Plenty of entertainment, singing and dancing, partying the Italian way!
All photo credits go to the talented Jami Saunders.

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