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Anna Marie & Michael

Colorful Countryside Wedding in Tuscany

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This colorful countryside wedding in Tuscany is exactly what couples dream about:  stone buildings, Tuscan fragrance, family-style dinner, dancing till dawn and lots of fun!

Anna Marie and Michael chose this quintessential Tuscan hamlet to celebrate with close friends and family, just look at the fun they had in the gallery, we recommend clicking to enlarge the first image and scrolling through the rest full screen.

Italian Wedding Vendor Highlights

Tucked away in the hills near Siena, Casa Cornacchi is a quintessential countryside retreat.  The hamlet buildings are all in stone and furnished with chic austerity to preserve its medieval atmosphere.  This home away from home is run by a local family and the ladies in the kitchen are happy to set up cooking classes to show you how to make Tuscan classics like homemade pasta, tasty ragù, and sweet Italian biscotti.

Top-notch entertainment for Anna Marie and Michael’s wedding in Tuscany included music by Human White Soul a young group of Italian gospel singers who keep everyone on their feet dancing!



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