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Rome is not just a big bustling city. Look at the beauty of this countryside wedding in Rome and see where Romans have their own luscious wedding weekends.


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Words from wedding planner Francesca:

Hannah and James are one of those couples you never forget, and their wedding is at the top of my list for all time favorite!  From the first day we met right up to the wedding day, they kept smiling and soaking up every single wonderful moment of planning their special day in the chic Roman countryside.  They were so calm and collect, and they put their complete trust in me while we chose each detail carefully, keeping their guests in mind as well. We were always on the same page, which made things so easy.
Hannah and James were looking for an organic wedding in Italy and they wanted everything to ‘go natural’ throughout their day.  It was love at first sight for their wedding venue, Poggio della Rota, a stunning manor house with incredible vistas on the Roman countryside.. To contrast the candor of the mansion, Hannah and James chose shades of pink and a sober design so as not to take away from the impressive natural surroundings.  All the details blended so well with the venue grounds, it was like they belonged there!
Nature shone through and through:   as a token of their appreciation to their guests who travelled so far to be at their wedding in Italy,  Hannah and James offered a jar of homemade Italian jam to take back home and enjoy.  The wedding dinner was sourced locally and prepared by expert Italian chefs who led guests through an authentic 100% Italian food experience, topped of by an explosion of flavors in their ‘naked’ Italian wedding cake featuring chocolate spongecake layered with fresh pastry cream and seasonal fruit.

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