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Charles & Federico

Castle Wedding on Lake Garda

Charles & Federico

A medieval skyline draws the path to a future of love and devotion

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Birds of a feather, side by side lakeside at a ravishing castle on Lake Garda in Italy.  Charles and Federico spoke about love and caring for each other for all eternity. A castle like no other filled with magic and embracing their guests who travelled all the way to Italy to give these two young men their blessing for a joyful life together.


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Lonato Castle – called ‘the Rock’ by locals – sits on a natural moraine (terrain that is pushed aside by glaciers) on the southern end of Lake Garda and just like a king, this castle on Lake Garda looks upon its kingdom below where the quaint town of Lonato lies. It is fitting that these two kings be joined here, as many Italians are joined both in legal civil ceremonies and legal Civil Unions.

Enter Lonato castle under the protection of the lion of St. Mark, the symbol of Venetian domination. Once through the gateway, the coat of arms of Lonato reminds you where you are and who is the ruler.

Birds of a feather flock together at Lonato Castle as there are over 700 birds in the ornithological collection representing Italian birdlife, divided into twelve showcases according to environment they thrive in.

Charles and Federico enjoyed a beautiful day with close friends and family, topped off with fireworks and dancing.

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