2017 was a great year for weddings in Italy and 2018 is looking even better! We’re revealing trends for Italy weddings in the upcoming year starting with what’s new in venues and locations.

New Italy wedding venues and locations

As couples become more savvy about what they want for their wedding in Italy experience, they start shying away from traditional locations to discover more authentic, down to earth, and untouched Italian wedding venues.

By-the-sea Weddings in Italy

Seaside weddings are no longer limited to the Amalfi Coast; they are moving to the southern-most coastline to whitewashed haciendas called ‘masseria in the land of  Apulia, where olive trees have grown for centuries and their thick, twisted trunks tell all the tales of Greeks and Romans enjoying sunkissed sandy beaches and turquoise-blue Mediterranean waters.  Weddings in Puglia begin early and end late in the year, giving everyone plenty of time to relax and soak up the leisurely Italian lifestyle.

Symbolic wedding ceremony beneath a 200 year old olive tree at Masseria Eccellenza, wedding planner Victoria Boukhanets, images by Les Amis.

Many do not realize just how close to the coast Rome is, so when in Rome … do like J Paul Getty did and get yourself a seaside villa right on the sand.  This exquisite private home with lush Italian gardens and in-house restaurant is all you need for your Italy wedding ceremony, reception, and all night party.

One-of-a-kind adventures in Italy

Off-the-beaten-path is an understatement when discovering crumbling relics from Italy of yore that have been restored and brought back to life. Many of these precious and historical residences are located close enough to the must-see cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, so a day trip ticks the travel box but your wedding takes place in peace, privacy, and best of all, on budget.

An abandoned watermill restored to its original splendor (above) is situated on the canals just outside of Venice.

This 12th century convent (below) is now a country resort and retreat in southern Tuscany offering rest and relaxation plus leisure activities such as golf, spa services and fine dining.

Farm-to-table culinary traditions

One of the greatest pluses to getting married in Italy is to experience what locally produced, homemade food tastes like.  Ripe red tomatoes and milky mozzarella balls, fresh vegetables offered in-season only, breads, pizzas, and cakes baked by locals according to traditions carried down through generations.  Top quality olive oil and wines are the pride of an increasing amount of working estates small and large such as the Pagnana Farm just outside Florence, who open their doors and homes to couples getting married in Italy and their guests, providing something out of the ordinary as thanks for travelling so far to join in on the wedding day.

Fresh mozzarella made from buffalo milk (below) and a nude wedding cake made from scratch.

More trends for Italy weddings in 2018 coming soon – check back with us!