Thank goodness for Mark at ViaMedina for Thanksgiving in Italy!  Every year in the 13th century St. Giusto Abbey in Tuscania a Thanksgiving traditional feast is meticulously prepared for Americans and Italians alike.  All the stuffings and trimmings cooked the way we know from back home, Mark in the kitchen and his happy helper Ginger in the dining room make the holiday of holidays special in Italy and a true farm-to-table experience.

All the ingredients for every single dish on the menu are home-grown right here in Italy.  Sweet potatoes are farmed and carefully selected by Batata Rossa Bio, advocates for sustainable agriculture and the primary sweet potato providers for US, UK and German communities.  This year’s menu is really enticing with a chestnut stuffed turkey breast, Hassleback sweet potatoes with smoked butter (yum) a bunch of other Thanksgiving regulars and to top it all off and help digest, a warm pumpkin rum cider will do the trick.

It wouldn’t be a party without music and backed by popular demand is the return of ‘Hot Nuts’, Marco on guitar and Valeria’s seductive voice will serenade all through dinner.