Angelica Braccini

Photography:  Like a painting. Remember how Vogue’s fashion exhibition in 2015 left the world spellbound when they paired fashion artists with fashion photography? Angelica Braccini displays the same talent when she coaxes pictures into something more than just wedding photos.  Drawing on light and subject details, she slows everything down and turns each frame into … Read More »

Villa di Maiano

Impressive renaissance villa just up the hill from downtown Florence, Italy.  Extensive front lawn where a birdseye view of the Florence Cathedral and city rooftops paints a one-of-a-kind backdrop for garden wedding parties.  Indoor ballrooms display ornate marble floors, frescoed wall, period furniture, and endlessly high ceilings for lighting effects during dancing.

Sugarcups Cake Design

Cake Designer Marisa Vitali is a true artist and she uses all of her experience and knowledge to craft a unique, personalized wedding cake for couples getting married in Italy.  She has a true passion for beauty and a natural knack for creating what couples want, matching colors and themes and setting no limits, except … Read More »

Julian Kanz International Photographer

A family man, a friend, and a photographer. When Julian covers your wedding day it’s like someone you know telling the whole story of not just of your wedding day, but of your souls.  He sees right through you and around you and makes sure that memory is kept safe and sound for you to … Read More »

Fattoria Pagnana – Living Farm in Tuscany

Tuscan landscapes are as beautiful as they come thanks to the simple people who for centuries have worked the land.  A bio-diversity that enriches every plant that grows indigenous in Tuscany: olive trees, grape vines, endless varieties of green leaf vegetables like kale, chicory, arugula, plus wild asparagus, porcini mushrooms, not to mention figs, blackberries, … Read More »