Julian Kanz International Photographer

A family man, a friend, and a photographer. When Julian covers your wedding day it’s like someone you know telling the whole story of not just of your wedding day, but of your souls.  He sees right through you and around you and makes sure that memory is kept safe and sound for you to … Read More »

Il Giardino di Cataldo

Amalfi Coast Luxury Villa: Villa Cimbrone

Surreal and mystical, Villa Cimbrone is one of the most sought-after locations for destination weddings on the Amalfi Coast.  Located in the small town of Ravello and perched high above the actual coastline, the Villa is a testimony to the opulence this area of southern Italy has been know for throughout the centuries and represents a … Read More »

Chloe and Zorin: Amalfi Coast Wedding Villa Cimbrone

When a fashion blogger decides to tie the knot, she does it in total Italian style!  Chloe and Zorin couldn’t have picked a more fashionable and festive wedding location than Villa Cimbrone with its 1.5 kilometer drop into the deep blue Mediterranean sea and 6 hectares of lush Italian gardens where they had every stage … Read More »

The Italian Wedding Event

The Italian Wedding Event plans weddings in the most romantic and exclusive locations in Italy. Our heritage and country are our pride and passion, we couldn’t be more honored to be part of a country like Italy! No two weddings are alike! Each ceremony represents a combination of dreams, desires and personality that embody the style of … Read More »