Julian Kanz International Photographer

A family man, a friend, and a photographer. When Julian covers your wedding day it’s like someone you know telling the whole story of not just of your wedding day, but of your souls.  He sees right through you and around you and makes sure that memory is kept safe and sound for you to … Read More »

Amalfi Coast Rustic Chic: Fattoria Terranova Sorrento Farmhouse

The Amalfi Coast is everything your heart desires and Sorrento Farmhouse Fattoria Terranova gives it all to you on a silver platter: unique and captivating scenery, farm-to-table flavors of Neapolitan cuisine plus a country chic atmosphere for your wedding day celebration. The ultimate feature is a jaw-dropping view of the Amalfi Coast Mediterranean blue waters.  … Read More »

Il Giardino di Cataldo

Silvia Gerzeli Hair Stylist and Make up Artist

A picture speaks a thousand words and these images of work by Silvia Gerzeli say it all.  Hair and makeup stylist in the Italian fashion and wedding industries for the past 15 years, Silvia’s motto is “less is more” as she fully believes in using a minimal amount of product so that less disappears during … Read More »

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographers

Perfect Italy Wedding: Beedle dee dee dee dee, two sisters    Beedle dee dee dee dee, we love them! Photographers perform best when the surroundings belong to their background and inspire their true art, that is why the Francese sisters are the best Italian photographers on the Amalfi Coast. Claudia and Antonella were born a team, they’re … Read More »