Fun DJ for Weddings in Tuscany

After the day is done, you’ve said your I do’s, you’ve toasted and roasted, pulled the pork and cut the cake … when it’s all over you just want to PARTY with your friends and family!  You want a DJ who is fun, knows your group, and adds some entertainment to the night. Who you … Read More »

Fiorile – Florist in Italy

A creative space that has dedicated the past 15 years to floral design and interior/exterior decor, headquartered in downtown Florence, Italy in the hip Santo Spirito district … where else? An all-girl team that thinks up, puts together, and rolls out unique creations with style, elegance, flair, and great attention to detail.  Luxury lush or … Read More »

Angelica Braccini

Photography:  Like a painting. Remember how Vogue’s fashion exhibition in 2015 left the world spellbound when they paired fashion artists with fashion photography? Angelica Braccini displays the same talent when she coaxes pictures into something more than just wedding photos.  Drawing on light and subject details, she slows everything down and turns each frame into … Read More »

Ex Cibus

Nel Giardino di Giulia