Angelica Braccini

Photography:  Like a painting. Remember how Vogue’s fashion exhibition in 2015 left the world spellbound when they paired fashion artists with fashion photography? Angelica Braccini displays the same talent when she coaxes pictures into something more than just wedding photos.  Drawing on light and subject details, she slows everything down and turns each frame into … Read More »

Marco Caputo Films in Italy

Silvia Gerzeli Hair Stylist and Make up Artist

A picture speaks a thousand words and these images of work by Silvia Gerzeli say it all.  Hair and makeup stylist in the Italian fashion and wedding industries for the past 15 years, Silvia’s motto is “less is more” as she fully believes in using a minimal amount of product so that less disappears during … Read More »

Wedding Music and Lights

Andrea di Giampasquale

Andrea says he accidentally started shooting weddings in Italy …. lucky us! His images transpire with love for his homeland and everything that is nature – just look at his business logo, a bear and pine trees. It comes so natural to place your trust in Andrea on your wedding day and he doesn’t disappoint, his … Read More »