Can it get any better than superb? Yes it can! There is no end to Italian creativity and innovation, even in a simple place like the kitchen.  Chef Alessio at Osteria di’ Giogo gives a classic example of how there is no boredom when you go out to eat authentic Italian food … in Italy, of course.

Ordering seafood in the inland empire may seem ridiculous but Florence is only a couple of hours from the coastline where boats pull up at 5am offering fresh fish and crustaceans straight from the Med.  Catch of the day is Kingfish and the chef decided it would taste good with some smokey Italian pancetta. Sides are always seasonal so springtime is wild for asparagus.

If your too Tuscan and you need that dish of tradition, try chef Alessio’s warm shrimp Panzanella. You’ll never go back to the old one, I swear.