Show your appreciation to your wedding guests for travelling all the way to Italy for your big day with a special made in Italy wedding favor. There are many different and unique gifts to choose from, here are some of the most popular ones from other weddings in Italy:


Some of the finest Italian wedding favors come straight from the Italian farms where olive oil and wine are produced, as well as spices and edible flowers.  Here are some local Italian producers to order your wedding in Italy favors from.  We recommend ordering and delivering in Italy to save money and to safeguard on-time delivery to your wedding venue in Italy.


Isola Manna is a small farm outside Florence where olive trees are grown and extra virgin olive oil is produced onsite by owners Claudia and Monia. They also grow saffron flowers and the bright red stigmas are put in small packets that are light and easy to pack in your suitcase to take home and season risotto or paella.

I Pruneti is also a small, family-run olive mill producing an assortment of high quality extra virgin olive oil for gourmet consumers. Their packaging is just as sophisticated as their selection of oils including a Grand Cru. Other fine farm products include saffron and Iris bulbs which grow wild in the San Polo area of Tuscany and are used to produce French parfums for large brands like YSL.

The epic Italian limoncello is a classic favor for weddings in Italy and where else would you want to get some than from the sunny Amalfi Coast town of Sorrento.  Giardini di Cataldo’s online shop makes it easy to order and have delivered your favorite flavors of this popular after-dinner liqueur souvenir for your wedding guests.



Homemade jams and fruit-based syrups and vinegars are produced just outside of Rome at il Porcospino farm, all labels are personalized.


Cake designers have opened up a world to all those with a sweet tooth and the sugary treats are just gorgeous!
Marisa at Sugarcups will be happy to personalize your favors based on your Italy wedding colors, theme, or florals. A vast selection of edible wedding favors your guests will enjoy back home to keep savoring the incredible flavors of their Italian experience.


Confetti or Jordan Almonds are a good luck charm tied to Italian favors called ‘bomboniere’. The candy-covered almonds are wrapped in a tulle doily and a little tag with the couple’s names and wedding date is placed inside, then tied to the favor.
Another Italian wedding tradition has the bride and groom circulate the reception after dinner with a bowl of confetti and a big spoon or ladle they dip into the bowl and pour out an odd number of confetti into guests’ open hands.

For Italian confetti as well as specialty packaging and many other wedding products, check out Martha’s Cottage online store to have your products shipped locally in Italy.