Make the most of the after-dinner bash at your wedding in Italy and give the DJ the exact vibe for your party. Here are some guidelines on how to create an easy to use Italy wedding DJ playlist.
A professional DJ uses techniques, sensitivity, and experience to read the dance floor and carefully watch the emotions people show to play just the right beats and create a unique and unforgettable event.  But it’s not a guessing game, it’s all carefully planned in advance based on the couple’s input.  Read the following rules of thumb.


Even if you have a cool friend with super-cool taste in music who may even be a DJ him/herself, don’t ask them to make up your playlist.  Your playlist is yours. It reflects what you like and don’t like, what is special to you and what makes up your persona as a couple.  First kiss song, BFF ballad, break up song, make up song … only you know what was playing in those special moments you want to relive at your wedding in Italy.


You probably love, oh, say, A MILLION SONGS! But you don’t have time for them all so make a list of no more than 200 songs for your DJ to play with.  Even if you feel like you could dance forever, that’s 16 hours of music … not even an Italian wedding lasts that long!


Look at your wedding day like you would any other day and divide it into moods.  Songs for the ceremony, songs for cocktail hour, songs during dinner, a song for cutting the cake, a song for opening the dance floor.  Your DJ will blend the rest of your list based on what the dance floor vibe is.


Along with the songs you have carefully chosen to accompany your Italy wedding day, remember to give your DJ a list of songs you absolutely DO NOT WANT TO HEAR played on your wedding day as well. Favorite no-no’s are ‘YMCA’, Titanic theme song ‘My Heart will go on’ and ‘Marry you’, all played out.
Besides individual songs, let the DJ know genres you like/don’t like too.  Creating a beat to smoothly blend songs sometimes requires the DJ use pieces in their repertories that may not be your style, so be sure to make a list of the ones that turn you off.


Turn in your playlist at least 30 days prior to your event so your DJ has time to work with it and you have time to let it go.  Try to avoid last minute changes that would disrupt the flow the DJ has already created for your playlist moods, it’s a lot of work!
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Thanks to International DJ Simone Alinari who inspired this post.