amalfi coast wedding in sorrento
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Time is of the essence when you’re planning a destination wedding in Italy! The right time of year to get married in Italy, or the time of day you should have your wedding ceremony, not to mention the actual time to connect face to face with all your local Italian vendors .  

We’re thrilled to share information about the perfect free website tool to help you with all your timing for a wedding in Italy .

YOUR WEDDING IN ITALY COUNTDOWN STARTS NOW! has a feature that allows you to create your own countdown for any year no matter how far in advance you begin planning your wedding in Italy. Timing a wedding in Italy has never been so easy!


To cope with time zones across the globe we recommend signing up with, an all-in-one free website tool to help you schedule international calls anytime, anywhere.  The international scheduler allows you to pick cities and get a side by side schedule of compatible times.  For example, if you are in New York,  your fiancé  is in Abu Dhabi, and your wedding planner is in Italy, just enter all three locations and the website generates a timetable showing when you can all be online together.


If you’re in the UK you’re one hour behind Italy, while if you’re located in the US, Canada or Australia, the time difference shoots up to 9 hours!  And if that’s not enough, daylight savings time comes around twice a year and it starts on different days in different countries. Aaaargh!

Time gaps directly affect email responses too, and we covered this in a previous post HERE.   But if you are trying to schedule a Skype call to meet with your vendors face to face to discuss details, the time difference will make a difference, so keep track of all DST changes on

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On you can create your own personalized page and calendar, too.  This is useful if your bridesmaids live around the globe and you want to have a pow wow to discuss getting ready on your wedding day, hair and makeup services, whose room to use at your wedding venue in Italy, and how many bottles of prosecco you’ll need, etc. 😉


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What time should I have my wedding ceremony in Italy?

When should my Italian wedding reception begin?

What time is best for taking pictures at a wedding in Italy?

What is the best time of year to get married in Italy? answers all these questions!  Go to the sun and moon tab, put in your wedding date and voilà! A sun graph for the entire year so you can pick the right season for the temperature and light.  Scroll across the graph and go to your wedding date to see how much daylight you will have, then look at the table underneath it for exact times.  

Notice the last two columns on the right and make sure your ceremony is as far away from solar noon as possible! Solar noon is when the sun is at its highest and creates the WORST lighting for pictures.


wedding in Italy in the rain

Check out the weather tab on Time and Date and get a fourteen day forecast for Italy, although we recommend planning your wedding in Italy despite the weather. See our previous post on how rain can be a blessing HERE.