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5 Simple Ways to Involve Your Mom in Planning Your Wedding in Italy

Getting married in Italy is YOUR dream, but it may not be a dream for your parents.  Getting Dad on board with the budget is easy (read here) but Mom needs to feel part of the party. Here are 5 simple ways you can involve your mom in planning your wedding in Italy.

Give Mom the Guest List

Especially if your mom is a a spreadsheet maniac, let her keep track of guests and rsvp’s.  If you are working with a wedding planner (which we HOPE YOU ARE!) they will be happy to have someone managing the guests’ names and nicknames, where they’re staying, food allergies, etc.  If everyone is staying at the same Italian Villa, then give her the rooming list and seating chart, too, since no one knows family dynamics better than she does.  She will be able to arrange the necessary ‘distances’ for a peaceful stay and reception seating for your special day.

Let Mom craft some accessories

She’s got time on her hands and would love to add her personal touch to your wedding decor.  If Her DIY tastes don’t match your reception theme, let her create something special to put in your bridesmaids’ gift bags.

Below, Rachel’s Mom who is a stationary creative, showered Rachel’s Tuscan Sunflower theme all over their al fresco Tuscany  reception table.  Place cards, seating cards, favor tags, and menus are light enough to carry in your suitcase even from abroad.

Perfect Italy WeddingPerfect Italy Wedding

Put Mom in charge of the playlist

The elders wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world:  they saw you on day 1, watched you grow and have been part of every important event in your life.  So if Auntie Em, old Uncle Tom Cobley, and Grandma and Grandpa make a point of travelling so far just for you, dedicate part of the party to them and have Mom prepare a selection of songs that will get them on the dance floor.  Your DJ will find the golden oldies online and if you really want to go back to the future, hire a true British vinyls DJ in Italy like this one:  First Dance.

Perfect Italy Wedding

Hand over the guestbook to Mom

Even when you set up a pretty table with favors, old pictures,  and the guestbook, everyone is so busy partying that they simply forget to go sign your most important keepsake.  Let Mom round up guests during the reception to get everyone’s signature to say, ‘I was there!’.

Entrust Mom with Memory Lane favors

A keepsake favor that is memorable, funny, but most of all travels well with destination wedding in Italy guests is a mini-photo album of the two of you as children, with friends, and in goofy moments of life.  Mom will love going through old photos to put together your story … an important part of her own story, too ♥

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